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FAST DIAS: Dual Inlet Aerosol Switching System
prepFAST: USP <232> <233> ICP/ICP-MS Inline Dilution and Sample Preparation
prepFAST Pharmaceutical: ICH Update
FAST Flame Gold
prepFAST Offline Autodilution: Geo-Chem Soil, Sediment and Rock by 4-Acid Digestion
FAST Flame Copper
prepFAST: Geo-Chem Fire Assay Precious Metals by ICPOES
FAST Flame - Rapid Preparation and Analysis of Soil Samples
prepFAST ICPMS: Environmental
prepFAST-MC Environmental: Bioavailable Trace Metals
seaFAST Automating Seawater Analysis
brineFAST S4: Determination of Trace Metals in High Matrix
hydrideFAST 2 - Increased Sensitivity Through Hydride Generation
Case Study that Highlights the High Throughput Capabilities of SC-FAST for Agricultural Applications with NexION
prep3 Automated Inline Dilution System
prepFAST-MC: Mg, Sr and Ca Isotopes
prepFAST-MC: Fe, Cu, Zn and Cd Isotopes
prepFAST-MC : Lead Extraction for MC-ICP-MS
Automated Determination of PPQ Levels of Thorium in High Purity Copper


PLASMATRAX - Automated Sample Identification, Tracking and Introduction System for ICP and ICPMS Analysis
seaFAST - Automating Seawater Analysis
prepFAST-MC - Automating Sample Purification
microFAST S4 - Accurate Determination of Si in Petrochemical Solvents
prepFAST-IC - Chromium Speciation for Toy Materials
prepFAST S - Automated Introduction of Pure Semiconductor Chemicals for ICPMS Analysis
prepFAST Inline Syringe Dilution

Notas Técnica & Apresentações

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Iron Isotopic Compositions of Reference Materials, Geostandards and Chondrites
Instrumentation: SSI Spray Chamber
Author: Paul R. Craddock and Nicolas Dauphas
References: Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research November 4, 2009 Submitted in revised form March 26, 2010
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Magnesium isotopic composition of the Earth and chondrites
Instrumentation: Quartz Cyclonic Spray Chamber
Author: Fang-Zhen Teng, Wang-Ye Li, Shan Ke, Bernard Marty, Nicolas Dauphas, Shichun Huang, Fu-Yuan Wu, Ali Pourmand
References: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 74 (2010) 4150-4166
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Natural fractionation of 238U/235U
Instrumentation: SSI Spray Chamber
Author: S. Weyer, A.D. Anbar, A. Gerdes, G.W. Gordon, T.J. Algeo and E.A. Boyle
References: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Volume 72, Issue 2, 15 January 2008, Pages 345-359
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A practical approach to determination of low concentration uranium isotope ratios in small volumes of urine
Instrumentation: PFA Spray Chamber
Author: R. Steven Pappas, Bill G. Ting and Dan C. Paschal
References: J. Anal. At. Spectrom., 2003, 18, 1289-1292
Read Abstract
Hf and Lu isotopic reference values for the zircon standard 91500 by MC-ICP-MS
Instrumentation: PFA Spray Chamber
Author: Arnaud Goolaertsa, Nadine Mattiellia, Jeroen de Jonga, Dominique Weis, James S. Scoates
References: Chemical Geology Volume 206, Issues 1-2, 28 May 2004, Pages 1-9
Read Abstract
The determination of the isotopic composition of Cu and Zn in seawater
Instrumentation: SSI Spray Chamber
Author: J. Bermin, D. Vance, C. Archer and P.J. Statham
References: Chemical Geology Volume 226, Issues 3-4, 28 February 2006, Pages 280-297
Read Abstract
Strategies for isotope ratio measurements with a double focusing sector field ICP-MS
Instrumentation: Cyclone coupled to a standard Scott-Double Pass
Author: M. Hamester, D. Wiederin, J. Wills, W. Kerl and C. B. Douthitt
References: Fresenius' Journal of Analytical Chemistry Volume 364, Number 5, 495-498
Read Abstract
Coral skeleton P/Ca proxy for seawater phosphate: Multi-colony calibration with a contemporaneous seawater phosphate record
Instrumentation: PFA PureChamber spray chamber
Author: Michele LaVigne, Kathryn A. Matthews, Andrea G. Grottoli, Kim M. Cobb, Eleni Anagnostou, Guy Cabioch and Robert M. Sherrell
References: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Volume 74, Issue 4, 15 February 2010, Pages 1282-1293
Read Abstract
Isotope ratio determination by laser ablation-single collector-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry
Instrumentation: Quartz Dual Pass Cyclonic Spray Chamber
Author: Maite Aramendia, Martin Resano and Frank Vanhaecke
References: J. Anal. At. Spectrom., 2010, 25, 390-404
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Iron isotope compositions of carbonatites record melt generation, crystallization, and late-stage volatile-transport processes
Instrumentation: SSI Spray Chamber
Author: Clark M. Johnson, Keith Bell, Brian L. Beard and Aaron I. Shultis
References: Mineralogy and Petrology Volume 98, Numbers 1-4, 91-110
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Systemic translocation of 70Zinc: Kinetics following intratracheal instillation in rats
Instrumentation: Quartz Cyclonic Spray Chamber
Author: J. Grace Wallenborn, Kasey D. Kovalcik, John K. McGee, Matthew S. Landis and Urmila P. Kodavanti
References: Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology Volume 234, Issue 1, 1 January 2009, Pages 25-32
Read Abstract
Production date determination of uranium-oxide materials by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
Instrumentation: Stable Introduction System Spray Chamber
Author: Zsolt Varga, Gergely Suranyi
References: Analytica Chimica Acta Volume 599, Issue 1, 5 September 2007, Pages 16-23
Read Abstract
Measurement of 234U/238U and 230Th/232Th in volcanic rocks using the Neptune MC-ICP-MS
Instrumentation: Stable Sample Introduction System
Author: Lary Ball, Kennneth W. W. Sims and Johannes Schwieters
References: J. Anal. At. Spectrom., 2008, 23, 173-180
Read Abstract
Mass independent bias in W isotopes in MC-ICP-MS instruments
Instrumentation: Stable Introduction System Spray Chamber
Author: Naoki Shirai and Munir Humayun
References: J. Anal. At. Spectrom., 2011, Advance Article
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Copper stable isotopes as tracers of metalsulphide segregation and fractional crystallisation processes on iron meteorite parent bodies
Instrumentation: SSI Spray Chamber
Author: Helen M. Williams and Corey Archer
References: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Volume 75, Issue 11, 1 June 2011, Pages 3166-3178
Read Abstract
Estimation of an upper limit on prehistoric peak ground acceleration using the parameters of intact speleothems in Hungarian caves
Instrumentation: SSI Spray Chamber
Author: Gyo Szeidovitz, Gergely Suranyi, Katalin Gribovszki, Zoltan Bus, Szabolcs Leel-O, Zsolt Varga
References: J Seismol (2008) 12:21-33
Read Abstract
Synthesis, Characterization, and Bioavailability in Rats of Ferric Phosphate Nanoparticles
Instrumentation: SSI Spray Chamber
Author: Fabian Rohner, Frank O. Ernst, Myrtha Arnold, Monika Hilbe, Ralf Biebinger, Frank Ehrensperger, Sotiris E. Pratsinis, Wolfgang Langhans, Richard F. Hurrell and Michael B. Zimmermann
References: The American Society for Nutrition J. Nutr. 137:614-619, March 2007
Read Abstract
Selenomethionine Biotransformation and Incorporation into Proteins along a Simulated Terrestrial Food Chain
Instrumentation: Peltier-cooled Cyclonic Spray Chamber
Author: Jason M. Unrine, Brian P. Jackson and William A. Hopkins
References: Environ. Sci. Technol., 2007, 41 (10), pp 3601-3606
Read Abstract
Isolation and partial characterization of proteins involved in maternal transfer of selenium in the western fence lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis)
Instrumentation: Peltier-cooled Cyclonic Spray Chamber
Author: Jason M. Unrine, Brian P. Jackson, William A. Hopkins, Christopher Romanek
References: Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Volume 25, Issue 7, pages 1864-1867, July 2006
Read Abstract
Lithium isotopic systematics of granites and pegmatites from the Black Hills, South Dakota
Instrumentation: PFA spray chamber and micro-nebulizer
Author: Fang-Zhen Teng, William F. McDonough, Roberta L. Rudnick, Richard J. Walker and Mona-Liza C. Sirbescu
References: American Mineralogist; October 2006; v. 91; no. 10; p. 1488-1498
Read Abstract
Determination of Methionine and Selenomethionine in Yeast by Species-Specific Isotope Dilution GC/MS
Instrumentation: Scott-type double-pass glass spray chamber and a PFA self-aspirating nebulizer
Author: Lu Yang, Zoltan Mester, and Ralph E. Sturgeon
References: Anal. Chem., 2004, 76 (17), pp 5149-5156
Read Abstract
Certification of a new selenized yeast reference material (SELM-1) for methionine, selenomethinone and total selenium content and its use in an intercomparison exercise for quantifying these analytes
Instrumentation: Scott-type double-pass glass spray chamber and a PFA self-aspirating nebulizer
Author: Zoltan Mester, Scott Willie, Lu Yang, Ralph Sturgeon, Joseph A. Caruso, Maria Luisa Fernandez, Peter Fodor, Robert J. Goldschmidt, Heidi Goenaga-Infante and Ryszard Lobinski
References: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Volume 385, Number 1, 168-180
Read Abstract
In Vivo Atherosclerotic Plaque Characterization Using Magnetic Susceptibility Distinguishes Symptom-Producing Plaques
Instrumentation: PFA-ST concentric nebulizer and PFA spray chamber
Author: Subha V. Raman, MD, MS, FACC, Marshall W. Winner, III, MD, Tam Tran, BS, Murugesan Velayutham, PhD, Orlando P. Simonetti, PhD, Peter B. Baker, MD, John Olesik, PhD, Beth McCarthy, RT, Amy K. Ferketich, PhD, Jay L. Zweier, MD, FACC
References: J Am Coll Cardiol Img, 2008; 1:49-5
Read Abstract
Determination of sulfur and selected trace elements in metallothionein-like proteins using capillary electrophoresis hyphenated to inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry with an octopole reaction cell
Instrumentation: Peltier-cooled quartz spray chamber and a micro-concentric PFA 100 nebulizer
Author: Daniel Profrock, Peter Leonhard and Andreas Prange
References: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry Volume 377, Number 1, 132-139
Read Abstract
Selenium measurement in sulphides by hydride generation high-resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
Instrumentation: Spray Chamber and PFA Nebulizer
Author: Alexander J. Fitzpatrick, T. Kurtis Kyser and Don Chipley
References: February 2009 Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis, 9, 93-100
Read Abstract
Mercury isotope fractionation during photoreduction in natural water is controlled by its Hg/DOC ratio
Instrumentation: Spray Chamber and PFA Nebulizer
Author: Wang Zheng, Holger Hintelmann
References: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta Volume 73, Issue 22, 15 November 2009, Pages 6704-6715
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A Simplified, Accurate and Fast Method for Lithium Isotope Analysis of Rocks and Fluids, and 7Li Values of Seawater and Rock Reference Materials
Instrumentation: Microflow PFA Nebulizer
Author: Martin Rosner, Lary Ball, Bernhard Peucker-Ehrenbrink, Jerzy Blusztajn, Wolfgang Bach, Jorg Erzinger
References: Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research Volume 31, Issue 2, pages 77-88, June 2007
Read Abstract
Combined use of medium mass resolution and desolvation introduction system for accurate plutonium determination in the femtogram range by inductively coupled plasma-sector-field mass spectrometry
Instrumentation: APEX and Teflon micro-concentric nebulizer (PFA 100)
Author: Fabien Pointurier, Anne-Claire Pottina, Philippe Hemeta and Amelie Hubert
References: Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy
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